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We've Got You Covered

Full Range of Available Services through us include:

Pool Inspections
Radon Testing
WDI Evaluations Mold Screening
Lead Dust Sampling

3rd Party Services Available from Companies We Have Personally Vetted for YOU

Oil Tank Sweeps
Sewer Camera Inspections
Septic Inspections

What’s going on underground?

These are all the things that a home inspector has no control over and cannot see during a normal inspection but “We’ve got you covered”!

My past clients have asked me many times for “good people” for these services, so I decided to vet a few vendors. You are welcome to call your own or I can help. It’s always Your choice.

Should i have all these services performed on the home i am buying?

Your real estate agent or/and lawyer can advise you about having these and other services performed. Some of my clients need everything done quickly and preferably at the same time. We can do that. Others will want to wait until the inspection report is done and then decide to move forward with addition services – perfectly fine, also. The most important thing is to have any and all services performed within the allotted time of your inspection objection time frame (usually ~14 days – see your purchase contract).